Some of you know me, but for those of you that don’t, let me introduce myself.  I am Ann Mullins and I moved to Aspen ten years ago.  But this is not the first time I have lived in Aspen.  In 1971, I came here directly from college, tagging along with a friend who already lived here and ‘knew the ropes’.  In the next three years I learned to ski, worked at the requisite housekeeping and waitressing jobs and even had a short stint at the Popcorn Wagon.  They were some of the most memorable years in my life and I began to understand, and appreciate both the intellectual and the physical environs of the town. The city represented a unique combination of physical challenge, intellectual stimulation, and environmental awareness, all in a small western ski town.

After three years of immersion in the intermountain west, I was inspired to return to school for a Masters in Landscape Architecture. In 1984 I co-founded Civitas, a landscape architecture and urban design firm in Denver and, as Managing Principal, I was responsible for getting all the projects out the door on budget and meeting payroll each week. During that time I lived in Denver, raised two wonderful sons, and helped build a national reputation for our firm.

So I have now almost completed one term on City Council and I hope to be re-elected to another. In my first four years in office City Council accomplished quite a lot – see 1st page of my website.  In the next four years I plan on:

  • Protecting our water rights and managing water needs responsibly
  • Keeping our City hall small
  • Continuing to make progress on solving our traffic and congestion problems